Dress to Kill (DTK) - A contemporary eStore concept with panache and street cred, Headquartered in South Florida

Our founder is a New Orleans born, Chicago native with an educational background in Fashion Merchandising as well as Marketing. She has blossomed from a little princess playing dress-up to a fierce business woman, completely obsessed with fashion.

DTK is her idea of the perfect fashion refuge. For the woman bored to death with the ordinary, Dress to Kill offers beautiful one-of-a-kind fashions and accessories from around the globe. We serve as an incubator for emerging designers and indie brands, this is our defining purpose. Every piece is handpicked and curated by our team and we know that personal style requires personal attention. Additionally our clients are never too sexy to be casual and never too cool to be hot hot hot. Therefore we expressly exist for the fashionista who owns her CONFIDENCE!

Our team is here to cater to your every fashion need — to help you murder the ordinary and kill expectations with extraordinary!

EST. 2012